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Woomera’s 70th Reunion

The SA outback town of Woomera celebrated their 70th reunion two weeks ago, with many past and present residents making an appearance.

Here’s the recap from local Woomera newsletter, ‘Gibber Gabber’.

“The weekend kicked off on Good Friday, with attendees going to the Reception Centre, set up in the Woomera Theatre, to collect their commemorative visitor’s passes and their information packs, as well as to book their places on the Range tours and Nurrungar visits.

They then dispersed about the village, exploring the areas they remembered exploring as children (or adults), before congregating at the Theatre for a briefing with the commanders of the various Defence teams within the village, discussing safety and regulations for the duration of the reunion weekend.

Saturday saw a variety of activities held within the village, as well as the first of the Range tours and Nurrungar visits.

The anniversary cake cutting was popular, with many attendees coming to the memorial for a free BBQ lunch and piece of cake.

The Eldo Hotel also played host to a wine tasting for the Prince Shiraz from Talbot’s Block Winery in the Clare Valley.

The day finished with the Red Desert Dinner Dance at the Sports Club, which proved a hit to all those that were in attendance.

The Theatre also screened The Infinite Man, the film shot at the Woomera Traveller’s Village.

The Infinite Man was also screened as Sunday’s matinee, with a small group of people in attendance.

Popcorn for both screenings was provided at no charge by Broadspectrum.

Sunday saw a quieter day, with a small Easter egg hunt held at Breen Park, followed by another BBQ lunch which proved extremely popular.

This all followed traditional Easter Sunday Mass at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

The Range tours and Nurrungar visits continued, with all passengers commenting on the professionalism of their guides and drivers.

Many attendees made their way out of Woomera on Sunday evening, with the majority departing Monday morning.

The town of Woomera has returned to its quiet state, ready for the next tourist season to began in the next few weeks.”