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Woomelang Primary Enjoys Outdoor Lesson
Students from Woomelang Primary School enjoyed exploring the great outdoors this week, as they spent Monday at Cronomby Tanks with the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (CMA).

The school children were busy all day exploring the area and collecting scientific data, confirming the health of the wetland.

Ms. Susan Saris, from the Mallee CMA said the students were very enthusiastic and joined in on lively discussions about the importance of a healthy environment.

“We started the day with students using binoculars to find birds living in the wetland, before we moved on to microscopes, so that they could investigate the tiny water bugs that also live in the wetland.”

Birds including herons and sandpipers were quickly spotted in the trees, and boatmen, shrimp and mites found in the water samples by students with a keen eye.


“All the students were keen to participate and enjoyed learning more about the life and food cycles in the wetland,” Ms. Saris said.

Students were also able to engage with new technology, as handheld GPS devices assisted with taking photos that aligned with those taken in previous years’ monitoring.

“This is an important part of the monitoring, by comparing photos taken in the same location, over a number of years, we can determine noticeable differences in the vegetation.

“It was great to see that native seedlings that were planted at the site by Friends of Cronomby Tanks have progressed well.”

Data collected by the students will be used by the Mallee CMA to measure and monitor the benefits of watering that takes place in the Cronomby Tanks area.

Students were rewarded for their hard work with a presentation by Sarah Holmes from EnviroEdu and her pet bearded dragon, sand goanna, pythons, turtle and possum.