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Winemakers Supported with $50 mil Export Package

Winemakers around Australia will be supported when the Federal Government’s $50 million Export and Regional Wine Support package comes into effect.

Key South Australian stakeholders met in Adelaide this week to discuss 0ptions of the package, in the first of the national consultation meetings being held in each State.

The main points discussed included the need for the package to increase the sustainable profitability of the wine and cider industries, and a potential increase in exports and domestic demand as well as the encouragement of regional tourism, both domestically and internationally.

Chaired by Winemakers Federation Australia (WFA) President, Sandy Clark, an industry Reference Group will report to the Boards of WFA, Wine Australia (AGWA) and Australian Vignerons (AV), who will endorse the final recommendations on the Package to the Minister.

A formal business plan will be submitted to Government on April 31, with state and regional industry bodies being given the opportunity to provide input before then.

Consultations will continue around the nation on the following dates:

Sydney–16 March
Perth–21 March
Melbourne–22 March
Launceston–23 March

Queensland–20 April

Tony Battaglene, Chief Executive of WFA says he is confident the package will benefit the whole sector.

“The turn-around time is tight, however we have been actively planning for this and we are in a strong position to administer the best long-term solution for the wine sector.

“This support package will complement AGWA’s export and market promotion activities; the WET Rebate Reforms announced in the 2016 Budget; and the $10 million cellar door and regional tourism grant that comes in in 2018-19,” he said.