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Stay Ahead This Fire Season

As temperatures begin to rise this Summer, Flow FM is reminding listeners to stay safe and keep your vehicles in check this season, particularly when harvesting bulky and dusty crops.

A Moonta truck driver was lucky to walk away with his life this week, after abandoning his vehicle which experienced mechanical failure, before exploding and catching alight.


Image Source – Lyndon Polgreen

Meanwhile in Victoria, a header caught fire in Woodstock West, while property owner Peter Stone was harvesting his oats.

He told the Bendigo Advertiser about the situation.

“I had just got on header and had done a couple passes. I spun round at end and could smell smoke.

“I got out and saw it smoldering (in the engine), so I grabbed an extinguisher and hit the flames and put it out.

“There was little bit (of flame) that had dropped on the ground, so I grabbed my other extinguisher and put that out but the engine fire re-lit because the engine was running,” Mr Stone said.

The CFA were able to contain the blaze.


Image Source – Bendigo Advertiser

Victorian emergency services are also ramping up their efforts to ensure firefighting aircrafts are ready coming into the fire season.

Coming into a particularly hot Summer season, it is essential to maintain your vehicles, for the safety of you and your property.

Feature Image Source – Lyndon Polgreen