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Software Seeks Out Sporting Stars

A new sports software being delivered by two former Trinity College students has the ability to determine which sports a child is best suited to.

The program, called Intelligent Software and Performance (Isap) has been developed with the aim of helping Australia reach its sporting pinnacle, by selecting the next sporting stars, based on children’s physical capabilities and genetic makeup.

Isap Technical Director Jonathan Kong who developed the concept, realised that many parents were completely unaware of the hidden gifts and talents their children possessed.

Developing Isap was Mr Kong’s next step in helping realise sporting potential, through use of advanced software engineering and artificial data intelligence.

“We will guide your child in making their dreams come true…we truly believe that with our software system the sky is the limit,” he said.

Local deliverers of the program, Hayden Mickan and Matthew Neville of Gawler and One Tree Hill, said the program has had a great deal of interest from globally recognised brands, particularly throughout the Asian region.

“We are dedicated to helping South Australian children achieve their sporting goals, so we feel it is of great importance to roll out the program in South Australia prior to exploring overseas opportunities,” Mr Mickan said.

“All children have a dream of playing sports at the highest level and our program is the most cutting edge method of achieving this dream,” he said.

A special clinic will be run by Isap this Sunday, May 21 at Gawler and District College from 9am.

Parents are required to register their children for the program, regardless of their current physical and sporting ability.

The assessment involves a series of physical tests, with data then collected and entered into the software with a personalised assessment and report produced.

The test will cost $49.50 with the testing component taking 70 minutes.

For further details about the program and upcoming events, parents are encouraged to visit