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Remembering the 2011 Floods

Although we’ve been experiencing heavy rainfall this summer, it doesn’t even come close to the conditions experienced during the Donald and Charlton floods of 2011.

Six years ago on January 14, Donald experienced its worst flooding in history, as the bullock overflowed, motels went under, and homes, businesses, crops, and farms were flooded throughout the Flow region.

Charlton felt the effects even more, as around 80% of the town became flooded by a metre of water.

But the local communities pulled together, and just like during drought conditions, everyone played their part to clean up their towns and make them great again.

BOM Rainfall Observer, Jono Ingram stressed the importance of resilience in difficult times, saying “Although these memories from 2011 are painful for some, they also present a beautiful picture of what life in a small, supportive, rural community can be like.”

“I for one feel privileged to live in a community like Donald,” he said.

Source – The Donald Weather Station