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Political Environment Dominated by Abbott, Polls & Shorten

The political environment this week was dominated by three things: Tony Abbott’s attack on the Prime Minister in the previous week; the government’s astoundingly

bad poll results; and the fact that Bill Shorten is giving Malcolm Turnbull an object lesson in political tactics.

The media has characterised Tony Abbott as Banquo’s Ghost stalking the corridors of Parliament House, threatening the Coalition and lusting for revenge.

Nikki Savva accused him of both destroying the government and self-immolating.

The Prime Minister lost his cool on Tuesday and accused Abbott of being responsible for the government’s fall in the polls.

Labor now has a ten point lead with a 2PP of 55 to 45.

The Coalition is bleeding votes to One Nation, which was the nub of Abbott’s criticism.

Abbott is really Turnbull’s problem and it’s delusional of those Coalition members to think that Abbott has a duty to fix his successor’s problem for him by stealing away into the night nor is it reasonable to justify the leadership coup on the basis that Abbott underachieved while in office.

These arguments are not germane to the current situation.

There are two salient issues that should be recognised: Abbott is hyperactive both physically and intellectually and if he is not given something to do then he’ll find something for himself.

Meanwhile Malcolm Turnbull, although he’s reasonably good at government, is having issues with the politics and Shorten is making a mess of him.

The government needs to settle on a political agenda, sharpen its message and then get on with implementing policies.

Otherwise it will go down in a screaming heap.

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