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Music Events the Favourite for Regional SA

Music events are the most popular arts event for regional South Australians to attend, according to the Australia Council for the Arts’s new interactive dashboard.

The online tool looks at attendance and participation with the arts at a local region level, using ABS statistics to profile how people engage with the arts.

The local region arts engagement data for South Australia reveals:

  • Adelaide Central Hills was the dominant region for attendances at any arts or cultural venues or events (93%) and participation in the arts for any arts and/or cultural activities (33%);
  • In the outer areas, 39% of residents in SA – Outback attended popular music, followed closely by Barossa – Yorke-Mid North and SA – South East regions (29%);
  • More people went to see classical music, concerts, musicals and operas in Adelaide South (17%) compared to Adelaide North (14%) and Adelaide West (12%);
  • 29% of residents in the Barossa – Yorke-Mid North region visited a museum, compared to 24% in SA – Outback and 17% in SA South East. And almost half of all  residents of these regions attended at least one arts venue or event (45%, 49% and 49% respectively);
  • Participation in visual arts was fairly consistent across Adelaide Central Hill (12%), Adelaide South (12%), Adelaide North (10%) and Adelaide West (10%); and
  • In the outer areas, participation in any art activities was high in SA – Outback (26%), Barossa – Yorke-Mid North (24%) and SA – South East (20%).

Tony Grybowski, Australia Council for the Arts Chief Executive, said the the data has been converted into a user-friendly platform, allowing anyone to check it out.

“By analysing the ABS data, the new Australia Council online interactive dashboard can reveal museum attendance in Hobart compared to Townsville or, if more people are engaged in creating visual arts in Geelong compared to Darwin.

“This type of critical information can be used to better inform and understand how people engage with the arts in their local communities, which is invaluable for all levels of government, locally-based artists and arts organisations, touring programs and businesses operating in the sector,” he said.

You can view and compare your Local Region Arts Engagement data on the Australia Council for the Arts Research webpage.