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Mantina Quarries Contributing to Community

Managing Director of Mantina Quarries, Rino Obbiettivo has been awarded Light Regional Council’s Citizen of the Year for 2017.

In his role, Mr Obbiettivo greatly contributes to the local and wider community, employing 26 people in Kapunda, in South Australia’s Mid North, and 60 people in total across Mantina Quarries’s statewide operations.

Mantina Quarries is a large scale concrete producer based in Kapunda,with a Concrete Plant run by Rino’s brother Jason, based in Pooraka.

The company has been operational for more than 25 years, and will be expanding to Two Wells with a new cement making facility in the near future.

The quarry crushes thousands of tonnes of rock daily, powered by their very own diesel generators.

Mr Obbiettivo commented on South Australia’s recent power problems for industry, saying “You cant be relying on something that is unreliable”, particularly in concrete making where setting times are critical.

Mantina’s crushed rock is used for a variety of things including road, bitumen, landscape and walling retainers.

Adelaide Zoo’s pandas, Wang Wang and Funi even use Mantina rocks – sitting on them in their enclosure everyday!