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Managing our Rabbit Pest Problem

Rabbits can have a devastating impact on our Australian landscape, with over $200 million of damage to the agricultural industry, and lasting effects on the native environment.

Victorian Rabbit Action Network (VRAN) Chair Gerald Leach explained how rabbits affect both private and public land.

Mr Leach said the Australian climate and landscape has been the ideal breeding ground for rabbits, considering just 22 were brought here originally.

“One pair of rabbits can multiply to around 2 or 3 million…in theory,” Mr Leach said.

When asked what communities and landholders can do to reduce the rabbit population in Australia, Mr Leach said there were a variety of options.

The most effective method of rabbit management is a combination of methods with a community effort, he said.

Mr Leach also provided an update on the release of calicivirus – RHDV1 K5.