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Livestock Agent Pleads Guilty to Cruelty

A livestock agent from Healesville, Victoria has pleaded guilty to failing to inspect the health of cattle he transported to a Victorian abattoir in his truck.

The cruelty charge landed the 57 year old with a $1500 fine at the Echuca Magistrate’s Court.

Two of the cows suffering chronic painful conditions, including advanced lumpy jaw lesion and a septic and swollen leg, were destroyed by the On Plant Veterinarian.

Prosecutor Courtney Cameron told the court about the importance animal welfare in the industry.

“A strong message needed to be sent to those involved in all aspects of farming business that the welfare of their animals must be the cornerstone of their business,” she said.

Veterinary Officer, Dr Sarah Hall said agents and transporters must comply with National Land Transport Standards to ensure the welfare of their animals.

“It is the responsibility of the transporter to ensure that all livestock are fit for the intended journey.

“Weak, sick or injured animals that are unable to weight bear normally on all four legs should not be transported, except under veterinary advice,” she said.

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