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How Safe is Your Personal Information?

Privacy was once an issue of people spreading gossip about personal information you had told them.

Now in 2017, the internet and social media have changed the rules forever, with information being freely shared, often by companies and organisations people don’t want any contact from.

Photos and information posted on social media are frequently misused, with around 100 million fake Facebook profiles currently circulating the internet – using photos stolen from other people’s profiles.

But there are things that can be done to protect our privacy, and this Privacy Awareness Week, Australia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim is informing people about their rights.

He joined Anita on the Regional Roundup to discuss community attitudes to privacy, Australian’s privacy rights and tips to protect ourselves online and in the digital world.

Mr Pilgrim also offered further information to protect ourselves on specific websites such as Facebook and Google.

For more information and simple tips to protect your privacy, head to