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Honouring Our Fire Fighters

The SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum in Naracoorte is honouring our fire fighting heroes with a memorial service and plaque to be unveiled on April 22.

This year’s memorial service will focus on the contribution of the South Australian Woods and Forests Department (now known as Forestry SA).

The plaque will remember the eight Woods and Forests fire fighters who lost their lives doing their job in the Wandilo Forest Fire, in 1958.

“Almost 60 years on, this tragedy remains in the forefront of the minds of local fire fighters,” ForestrySA Chief Executive Jerome Coleman said.

“The lessons learned have led to major improvements in fire equipment, training, communications and inter-agency cooperation.

“Their terrible loss will never be forgotten.”

Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Chairman Rex Hall said the occasion will provide time to reflect on those lost in ser vice to the community.

“Fire fighters could otherwise be at home in the comfort of friends and family, but instead they go out and risk their life when a fire threatens a community,” he said.

“In the blink of an eye, they are out the door on a truck and heading for an inferno all others are trying to escape.

“It’s a great sadness when we lose a fire fighter so it is important we pause to reflect on their sacrifice and never forget the bravery they displayed.”

All community members are urged to attend the memorial service, with a special invitation being extended to families, friends and colleagues of fire fighters lost in the line of duty.

Image Source – Naracoorte Herald