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Flow’s Regional Harvest Round Up

It’s looking to be a bumper harvest in some areas of Australia this year.

Flow caught up with a number of farmers across Victoria & South Australia to find out how harvest is going in their area.


Balaklava, SA – Grant McPharlin

“It’s been a very good crop this year, even though the weather’s been a bit up and down with rain and cooler conditions.

When we get into the crop, all the barley, beans, and just over half the lentils and oats have already been reaped, with good results.

Legumes in particular are well above average, with barley around average.

The wheat hasn’t been reaped yet, but they are looking very good – and will start to be reaped in the coming week.

Prices are down a little bit on last year’s, but the yield will make up for that.”


Watson area, Vic – Stephen Baird

“At the moment it’s not going at all because we had rain two days ago, and that’s stopped anybody doing anything because the moisture’s too high at this stage.

Prior to that, it’s as good as it’s ever been in this area.

There’s more rain forecast for next week, but we just do what we can.”


Streaky Bay area, SA – Ian Kenny

“It’s been pretty good, well above average this year.

All the wheat (H2 and GP) is coming up really well, and it’s great to see the silos around the area starting to fill up.

Conditions for harvest have been great with hardly any rain, and we’re about three quarters of the way through.”


Peterborough region, SA – Graham McKye

“Harvest isn’t actually going at the moment because it’s only just ready.

We’ve reaped a bit of vetch and are ready to start barley, but it was too windy yesterday and a bit too cold this morning, but hoping to get going on barley this afternoon.

We’re pretty happy with the way it looks but we won’t really know until we get into it and start reaping.

The vetch wasn’t that great, it was a bit low – but at least we could pick it up – that’s the first time we’ve ever been able to reap any vetch, which is about $700/tonne to buy, and we got about 12 tonnes which is good.

The barley and wheat is still to come.”


Hannah also spoke to David from the Warracknabeal Herald on Regional Round Up this week, who spoke to some of the farmers in his local area for the latest on the harvest.

David labelled it as “the largest harvest in years, going full steam ahead”.


Hopetoun, Vic – Anthony Shack

Canola is producing extremely well, but there’s problems with lentils and barley.


Kenmare, Vic – Jeff Rowle

He has a positive outlook on his property with over 3,000 acres of lentils mostly harvested.

Jeff is reporting very good results with chickpeas and barley on the go at the moment.

The 8mm of rain this week has given him a bit of a welcome break from stripping.


Tarranyurk, Vic – Marshall Rider

The are received 10mm of rain Thursday morning to add to the 3mm earlier in the week.

Marshall is still happy with his new horizon barley, and all his yield has been graded to malt – which will keep the beer drinkers happy!

The only dampener on the harvest has been the problems with trucks and Vic Roads.


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