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Creating an Oasis in Rainbow

Wimmera Mallee residents have the chance to take part in a number of upcoming workshops, as Rainbow’s Oasis project aims to transform the town.

The first workshops invite people to hone their gardening skills this Saturday, April 22 at Rainbow Primary School, and learn about seeds and cuttings.

The Good Gardeners Guide to Seeds, and cuttings workshops will be run by Wail East locals Maree and Graham Goods, ready to share their expertise from 10am.

Locals will also have a chance to work with South Australian light painting artist David Wilson at the upcoming light painting workshop at the Oasis in Rainbow.

A night time activity, the workshops will see large balls of mesmerizing light burst onto Rainbow’s nightscape when people gather for the unique and fun light painting workshop on April 30.

Mr Wilson discovered light painting by chance around 5 years ago when he began stills photography, following a successful career in film and television.

“I went online to look a few different photography skills and discovered long exposure and light painting,” he said.

Since then, Mr Wilson has been able to share his technique with many regional communities throughout SA, now bringing his workshops to Victoria.

“Everyone went crazy for it – we are classing it as art therapy and people get a blast out of it.

“It doesn’t have to be a $2000 camera you use – it is about the art not the equipment you have got.

“But if you are thinking about becoming a photographer or film maker it really helps you with your skills- it involves framing, exposure and shutter speed,” Mr Wilson said, encouraging young people looking to start a career in the field.

He urges all Wimmera Mallee residents to join in the workshops and see their landscape and community in a whole new light.

Workshop set-up and basic light painting theory from 4.30pm at Oasis, 30 Bow Street, Rainbow.

To find out more, or book your place at the workshop, call Adelle Rohrsheim at Oasis – 0431 820 493.