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Could Cape Dombey’s Obelisk Collapse?
The Obelisk at Cape Dombey, off the coast of Robe will eventually collapse due to cliff erosion, according to the District Council of Robe.

Although the Council are currently unaware when this might occur, they know the state icon will collapse into the sea below.

In order to maintain this site, the Council intends to erect a replica structure, in conjunction with interpretative data, acknowledging the original structure and telling the history of the original structure.

“In placing the replica structure at this location, Council acknowledge that Council are not replicating the navigational aspects of the current structure,” the Council said in a statement.

As crown land, the Council will need to seek approval from the crown before placing a structure on the site.

On a separate development for the local area, the Robe Marina will have two significant replacement projects occurring in the upcoming months.

This includes the replacement of the Fisherman’s Wharf, with a floating pontoon of similar design as the internal mooring pontoons, and Replacement of the Straddle Lift Jetty.

The Council aims to conduct these works with minimal obstruction the operation of the marina and the professional fishing fleet.