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Christmas Day Set to Sizzle

Summer is well and truly here, just in time for Christmas to be a scorcher in South Australia and Victoria.

Flow region Colac is set to reach a top of 35C on Christmas day, with 37C the top in Ceduna.

Over in Warracknabeal and Naracoorte, you will be feeling the heat with 40C, and a sizzling 42C in Roxby Downs.

A total fire ban will be in place in some regions across both states, and the CFS and CFA  have both detailed what you can and can’t do on these extremely hot days.

This includes cooking outdoors with a Weber, brazier, pizza oven or rotisserie spit, but electric or gas barbecues are still permitted if they adhere to guidelines.

“Having a gas or electric cooking alternative will ensure cooking plans can go head and it is important to check the CFS [or CFA] website or social media channels by 5pm to know what ban will be in place the following day,” the CFS said in a statement.

Flow has put together a few handy tips to help you survive the Christmas heat and complete Summer season:

  • Keep cool and hydrated and ensure you have a good supply of water on you at all times
  • Pack an umbrella or shade when you’re going anywhere for the day
  • Plan ahead and schedule activities in the coolest part of the day
  • Check in on your neighbours to make sure they are dealing for the heat – especially older people, children and people with a medical condition
  • Ensure your pets and animals always have a source of water and don’t leave them in hot cars
  • Keep your car maintained to ensure it doesn’t overheat, especially on long trips
  • Handle food safely and don’t leave it out in the heat, to avoid food poisoning and food-borne illness
  • Be water safe around pools and beaches – with the Surf Life Savers reminding people

·         To check weather and Surf conditions before heading out

·         Be careful with new equipment – make sure it is in good condition and you understand how to operate it – and always supervise children on flotation devices and other equipment

·         Rafts and inner tubes are not appropriate for non-swimmers or weak swimmers as they may drift out on tides/winds.

·         Skim boards are trickier than they seem and can lead to nasty injuries including chipped teeth, grazes, sprains and broken bones.

·         Ocean craft such as SUP, Kayaks and Surf Skis should always be used for the first time in calm conditions at a patrolled beach.

“Stop and talk to a Lifesaver and ask them about the beach conditions on the day or check our beachsafe app which will give you good information about safety and what’s going on at the beaches before you even leave home” Surf Life Saving SA said in a statement.

You can also stay up to date with the latest weather forecast here.

Stay cool and safe this Christmas season, and Merry Christmas from all of the Flow family! We’re running right through the holiday season, so be sure to tune in on your local frequency.

If you have any tips you’d like to suggest, please comment below or on our Facebook page.