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Cars Trashed & Abandoned in Mallee

Four vehicles are currently being investigated by Forest Fire Management Victoria after being vandalised and dumped in three state forests across Victoria’s Mallee region.

Forest Fire Management Victoria’s Forest Fire Operations Officer Geoff Tyers described the scene saying: “None of the vehicles had registration plates and three had extensive damage and were vandalised.”

“Two of the vehicles, a Ford and a Mitsubishi, were found in state forest near Ouyen.

“One of the vehicles had been driven 100 metres off the road, crashed into a tree and vandalised.

“The other was found a short distance away and has also been damaged,” Mr Tyers said.

He continued, describing the other vehicles: “In state forest south west of Red Cliffs, we found a blue Holden Commodore which had also been smashed and abandoned.

“The fourth car, a silver Mitsubishi Magna, was found abandoned and had been driven into a tree near the Gliderfield State Forest, south west of Mildura.

“Both these vehicles are likely to be write-offs.”

All  vehicles had identification left in them, which will help authorities find the vehicle owners and potentially lead to the culprits.

“It is unknown if anyone was injured at the time of the crashes and police are investigating if the cars were stolen,” Mr Tyers said.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, it is illegal to dump rubbish on public land.

The offence carries an on the spot fine of $317 or up to $9,514, one month imprisonment, or both if prosecuted in Court.

Anyone with information about the illegal dumping of these vehicles is encouraged to report it to Forest Fire Management Victoria on 136 186.

Information can be provided anonymously, however officers may need details to follow up on the initial report. All information is treated confidentially.