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Burn Off With Care

The Country Fire Service (CFS) is urging diligence during burn offs in Autumn months, following a number of out of control fires across rural SA.

While broad acre stubble post-harvest burns are in full swing, particularly across the Mid North, fire crew have had to attend at least four fires as a result of private burn offs.

Director of Operational Preparedness, Leigh Miller, said permits are required for burn offs conducted during the Fire Danger Season and it is important land managers follow conditions outlined.

“Once a permit is issued it will identify what needs to be in place when conducting the burn off, it will include aspects such as: time of day, people in attendance, fire breaks and firefighting equipment,” he said.

“Sometimes everything may be in place for the burn but a gust of wind could push a fire beyond control lines so it is vital contingency plans are considered too.

“Typically we see an increase in CFS callouts to burn offs at this time of year and the permit system is designed to reduce the risk of fire escape.

“Wind conditions may pick up over the next few days so it is crucial previous burn offs are re-checked to ensure they have been appropriately extinguished,” he said.

Permits are issued when fire danger is generally lower due to milder autumn conditions and a number of land managers will take advantage of the dry conditions.

“However there may be days during autumn when conditions are unsafe for burning and it is advisable land managers consider the weather forecast prior to lighting up to ensure they can conduct the burn safely,” said Mr Miller.

For more information on attaining a burn off permit and broad acre burning, head to the CFS website.