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Australia Hit by Cyberattack
At least one and possibly three Australian businesses have been hit by the ransomware attack Cybersecurity Minister Dan Tehan told ‘Sky News’ yesterday.

“There has been one incident of the ransomware hitting a business here in Australia and there could be two other incidents where it has occurred although we are trying to confirm that” he said.

Today he confirmed that three businesses had been affected.

“At this stage it’s likely that at least one business has been impacted.”

The Minister also confirmed the attack wasn’t on a government organisation.

“We’re not talking about a government organisation or a hospital or anything like that … We are obviously working with that business, the Australian Cyber Security Centre is engaging with them.”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the media on Sunday that one business had reported an attack to the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

She said there were hundreds of ransomware attacks in Australia each week and the authorities were seeking to establish whether these are linked to the attacks in the UK.

University of Melbourne computing expert Dr Suelette Dreyfus said Windows computers that don’t have the latest security patches were vulnerable to the bug, urging Australians to

ensure their antivirus software was up to date.

“Every institution, every consumer, every student with a laptop should make sure that their system is fully patched” she said.

Speaking on the ABC’s ‘News Breakfast’ programme this morning, Mr Tehan said that the number of businesses affected by the cyberattack had risen from one to three confirmed cases.

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