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3D Printed Food the way of the Future?

3D printed food could become a normal means of consumption in the near future, as key stakeholders in the food industry meet for the 3D Food Printing Conference Asia-Pacific next week.

The conference, to be held at Monash University in Melbourne is supported by Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) who hope to investigate the 3D printing opportunities for red meat producers in particular.

A host of local and international speakers will lead the conference, discussing topics such as custom nutrition, food design, food components, hardware and software developments and business models.

3D printed technology will also be on display at the conference, including a 3D printed red meat cooking demonstration.

MLA’s Michael Lee will be speaking at the conference, and said 3D food printing presented an exciting opportunity to the red meat industry by utilising secondary cuts, trim and by products that are currently not utilised fully.

“These products can be used in areas such as the aged care sector, where red meat that is high in protein and nutrition can be presented in a form that is easy to chew and appetizing,” Mr Lee said.

The 2016 European edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference showcased the types of products that are already available overseas, including on restaurant menus.

Significant research and development still needs to be undertaken before we see these products widespread in any consumer market.

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Image Source – Food Tech Connect